We prepare your winter sports equipment using state-of-the-art technology! Whether it's waxing, edge grinding, repairing the base, binding adjustment or the perfect racing finish - you've come to the right place!


Details und prices

Our Völkl-Testcenter





In the Völkl test center you can find out about the current materials. Test the different models and form your own opinion before you decide to buy.





Equipment recommendation

For skiers

  • We generally recommend carving skis.
  • The length of the skis depends on the ability, but they should not exceed the tip of the chin.
  • The ski poles should reach slightly above the waist.
  • The ski boots must be comfortable and fit well and have easy-to-use buckles. We recommend ski socks.
  • The binding must be adjusted by a specialist and equipped with ski brakes.
  • Warm and waterproof clothing is essential. (ski jacket, ski pants and gloves)
  • For your own safety, we recommend a ski helmet.


For snowboarders

  • The length of the board varies between freestyle and race boards, but should not exceed your height. We recommend chin height.
  • The snowboard boots must be comfortable and secure and provide stability. The binding should be easy to open and close.


For cross-country skiers (nordic)

  • Breathable clothing
  • Skating: The length of the skis should be the same as your height and the poles should reach your chin.
  • Classic: The skis should be approx. 20 cm longer than your height and the poles should reach your shoulders.

Our ski rental shop in Oberjoch

We offer you the complete all-round service for the fascination of winter sports from a single source. The ski rental is equipped with the newest and most up-to-date skis and snowboards, as well as the appropriate accessories.
















In all lengths and sizes, we offer you 1,000 of the latest skis, 100 boards and 120 cutting-edge cross-country skiing and skating equipment, as well as the associated shoes, poles and helmets.

Alpin 1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days 5 Days

Carving Ski Set
from a length of 130 cm

€28 €52 €75 €95 €115

VIP Ski Set

€31 €58 €85 €108 €130

Kids Carving Ski Set
up to a length of 130 cm
(- appr. 145 cm body height)

€15 €29 €42 €54 €65
Snowboard 1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days 5 Days
Set €28 €52 €75 €95 €115
Cross Country Skiing 1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days 5 Days
Set (Classic/Skating) €25 €46 €65 €78 €90
Other Equipment (prices per day)
Snowboardboots € 8,-

Skiing boots
up to size 23,5 (UK 5)

€ 6,- Skiing boots
from size 24,0 (UK 6)
€ 8,-
Alpine skiing sticks € 5,- Nordic skiing boots € 6,- Helmet € 4,-
Sleigh € 8,- Snowboots € 12,- Nordic skiing sticks € 8,-






Skidepot (Lockers)
for 2 persons € 6,- for 4 persons € 12,- 

  • The IAS safety binding adjustment is included with all ski sets
  • Set = skis, shoes and poles or snowboard and boots
  • Rental without shoes - € 3,- / day
  • A mandatory protection fee of 10% of the rental rate will be charged against breakage and damage. Theft is not insured.