Snowboard course

Do you feel like learning snowboarding or improving your skills? Then you have found the right place!


Our competent snowboard instructors make it easy for beginners to learn the basics properly. The advanced course will give you the latest tips for your technique to master any terrain. If you want to improve specific skills or take on a new challenge, e.g. looking for freestyle - we are ready!


Of course, safety comes first with us, so we offer snowboard group lessons for children from the age of 7 years.





You can book our courses by phone (08324 / 8787), by email ( or online via our shop:




  • Snowboarder without previous knowledge
  • Anxious returnees

Course contents and learning objectives

  • Basics of equipment
  • Gliding, sliding, jumping
  • Braking and stopping
  • Move in the plane and on the gently inclined slopes
  • Using the lifts



  • Safe use of lifts
  • Braking and stopping
  • Riding on easy blue slopes

Course contents and learning objectives

  • Learn the first cornering and consolidate
  • Sidewards and diagonal sliding or riding in all directions
  • slipped styles
  • Jump over small humps / hills
  • First slides over easy fun park boxes
  • Carving with first freestyle elements



  • Confident on all blue slopes

Course contents and learning objectives

  • Safe use of intermediate slopes / parks
  • Curved cornering / carving
  • Situationally adapted cornering
  • Get to know other park obstacles
  • Jump over larger hills - jump technique
  • Various slide tricks on boxes



  • speedy departure on all slopes

Course contents and learning objectives

  • Safe riding of any terrain and in the park
  • Freeride: Confident in every terrain - steep slope, bumps, powder
  • Park & Style: jumping over hills with rotations, mastering different slide tricks via boxes / rails
  • Varied cornering with freestyle elements
  • Fast and controlled carving