Whether in skating, classic (diagonal step) or Nordic Cruising - everyone gets their money's worth. The well-groomed 40km trail network in Hindelang-Oberjoch is the ideal prerequisite for our courses, to successfully learn the right technique at every level.


Group lessons:

Classic: Tuesday and Saturday 13.15 - 15.15 hrs.
Skating: Thursday 13.15 - 15.15 hrs.

Private lessons at any time by appointment

Group courses take place from 3 participants

Minimum age 8 years




  • Cross-country skiers without previous knowledge
  • anxious returnees

Course contents and learning objectives

  • First experience with the equipment
  • Moving in the plane
  • Slightly uphill and downhill
  • Safe stopping, braking and steering
  • Experiences in nature and snow



  • Safe running and braking

Course contents and learning objectives

  • Economic running style
  • Simple running techniques
  • Basics of sliding
  • From cruising to classic running
  • Controlled descents on the trail



  • Safe behavior on trails and with skis

Course contents and learning objectives

  • Tours on the cross-country ski
  • Versatile running techniques
  • Stable one-leg gliding
  • Fluid moving on climbs
  • Fast and safe Descents



  • Athletic running on the trail

Course contents and learning objectives

  • Race-oriented technical variations
  • Technique optimization and motion analysis
  • Intense, Athletic running
  • Tactical behavior on the trail
  • Optimal technique change